Consultation on NHS healthcare travel costs scheme

Welsh Government is consulting on how possible changes to the healthcare travel costs scheme can help eligible patients access health services.

The purpose of this initial consultation exercise is to:

  • Set out the information already gathered and the important issues that need to be considered and explored.
  • Engage stakeholders in considering a range of ideas on possible changes to the scheme.
  • Identify what benefits there are for patients from the possible changes.
  • Understand the implications for Health Boards stemming from the changes.
  • Consider the potential of the proposals to generate efficiencies elsewhere.

In addition, Welsh Government is also seeking views and ideas from other stakeholders on:

  • Ways to make it easier for patients to access the support that is available.
  • Ways to avoid misuse of the scheme.
  • How to improve communication about the scheme to patients and NHS staff.

The consultation document and response form are available on the Welsh Government website.

Deadline for responses: 24/02/2015

Any detailed proposals will be subject to a further consultation exercise in the future.