15th LDAG meeting by Catherine Watchorn

Catherine Watchorn

My name is Catherine Watchorn. I am from Anglesey in North Wales.
I was selected to be part of LDAG to represent people with a learning disability from North Wales. I get support from advocacy to help me to go to LDAG meetings. I have attended 3 LDAG meetings so far.

We got the train at 10.40am on Monday 2nd March.  We had coffee and it was nice and sunny outside but it was funny because we got wet on the train - there was water coming in! When the conductor came round to check the train tickets I told him that there was water coming in the train so he said he would make sure they checked it when they got in to Cardiff. It took 5 hours to get to Cardiff. We had a talk with the train staff and I asked if they knew anything about the orange wallet scheme. We were looking at our map and they asked us where we were staying so we said the Novotel hotel.  They helped us to find it on the map and showed us what road we needed to take. They also told us it would take 5 minutes in the taxi to go to Cardiff Bay. They were nice people to talk to and very helpful.

We read our LDAG papers on the train to look over the work before the next day's meeting to see what we could bring up and what people were going to talk about in the meeting.  I was looking forward to meeting the Minister Mark Drakeford as he was supposed to be coming to the LDAG meeting to talk to us but we found out he was not coming because he was sick. The meeting was very good and we had a good talk about what the LDAG has been working on and what it wants to do next. After Wayne's presentation about parents with a learning disability, I talked about my experience as a parent and that things weren't explained to me properly. I was told I had to sign forms but I found out years later that I didn't have to sign them. It is important for parents to get the right support.

Everyone was very nice and welcoming. I can't wait for the next meeting with LDAG in May.

LDAG meeting March 2016


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