13th LDAG meeting by new member Keith Brelstaff

My name is Keith Brelstaff, I am the manager for additional learning needs and inclusion in Powys, and I was very pleased to be able to join the Learning Disability Advisory Group as a representative of the Association of Directors of Education in Wales. I am particularly interested in the needs of young people preparing for adulthood and how the learning opportunities for people with a learning disability can provide a positive start to adult life and lifelong learning can continue that process.

The agenda for my first ever LDAG meeting in September 2015 was really interesting and it struck me that the 3 main discussions were linked in the following ways:

Ven diagram

This really shows how important it is not to simply look at each issue in isolation. Everything knits together to make what we could call an "ordinary life". The more we see links and patterns between areas of our work the better and that includes the relationships we have between services. I hope that what I learn from these meetings I can feed into the discussions among educationalists and providers. I hope that the discussions, especially those involving people with a learning disability themselves as well as those who work with them, will have a direct impact on policy making in Wales and I look forward to playing whatever part I can in moving this agenda forward.


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